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Meet Our Staff

Eldersource is a staff of more than 20 professionals providing assistance for older adults and caregivers.

Here's what they say about their jobs.

 “I have worked as an Eldercare Advisor for eight years. As an advisor, I offer information, assistance, and referral over the phone to older adults, those with disabilities, and their caregivers. I enjoy talking to people; I am never bored at work because every call & every caller is unique. Monroe County has many programs available to assist those in our community, and we are lucky to have all this is offered here."

 “I really like our ability to provide one-on-one support to older adults and their families. I also love the relationships we develop with people at the senior centers. They really like the fact they ‘have someone’ they can count on.”

“I started with Eldersource during my college internship, and I knew immediately that this was the team of people that I wanted to work with for many years to come. We provide a great service for older adults and their caregivers. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing we are able to help so many who may not have known where to start looking for assistance.”

“We have a wealth of information at our fingertips, and we work with knowledgeable colleagues who have had a variety of experiences upon which we can draw to help clients. I love being able to help caregivers and older adults develop short and long-term plans which will make life easier for them and ultimately reduce their stress level.  Any help, empowerment or direction I can provide to make their lives easier task is a gift which I enjoy sharing with others!” 

“The people we serve give back to us each day, perhaps without even realizing they’re giving back to us, by empowering themselves, maintaining their independence, and taking on whatever it is their life challenges them to endure. We simply guide them in the right direction by providing the resources and encouragement they need to help themselves. Our clients are an inspiration to me.” 

 “I love working with a team of people who are so kind and compassionate!”

Eldersource Staff
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